This Fall Season brings trends such as plaid, animal print, blazers, duster cardigans and much more. Here’s a guide to help you choose your wardrobe for the week. Read below to check out how I styled each outfit. For gals who need to dress for the office I would simply switch out jeans for black pants or a skirt (hopefully you have a jeans day on Friday’s).


If in doubt, it’s as simple as Black & White! This color combo is always on trend and in season. Be sure to invest in a pair of black jeans; they are a great substitute for pants and always portray a sharp look. I added a splash of color with these wine suede boots, you can switch these out for another color or simply wear black boots and you will look fabulous.

THE WARDROBE: Top | Jeans | Boots (similar)


Staying with the black & white theme we have encorporated the plaid and blazer trends in one. I have loved the blazer/jeans look for years. This season blazers are worn either over-sized or double breasted for the more masculine vibe. I have paired this with a basic T-shirt and black jeans and kept the same booties as before. Again, switch out the shoes with another color or black heels or booties.

THE WARDROBE: Top | Blazer (similar) | Jeans | Necklace | Boots (similar)


Cardigans have made a big comeback this year. The long duster gives you a longer, leaner look and brings your outfit together nicely. If you don’t want to do stripes invest in color such as black / grey or a cream for a fun autumn/winter look. Because of the length of this duster cardigan I have paired it with leggings (often times we find it hard to get the right top to go with leggings). Bring in a longer T-shirt and wear with the duster cardigan. I have paired this outfit with stud heel booties for a more relaxed look, you could also pair with sneakers or even heels.

THE WARDROBE: T-shirt  | Cardigan| Necklace | Leggings | Boots (similar) | Hat


You can keep cozy and warm this season with a fabulous Chunky Knit. I love this one from Dex Clothing because it reminds me of an Aran Sweater from home (Ireland), yet it is super soft. I have already worn it a ton so be prepared to see it on repeat multiple times! I have paired this sweater with high waisted button fly jeans (which are back in style!) and again the wine booties! I have also paired this Chunky Knit with wide-legged pants and a skirt in other outfits. There’s so many options with this top so don’t be afraid to try it out. Finish the look with a festive hat too (it’s a great way of keeping you warm also!).

THE WARDROBE: Sweater | Jeans | Boots | Necklace | Hat 


Who doesn’t love FRIDAY? When I saw this sweater online I just HAD to have it! I have paired it with striped jeans fro Zara and snakeskin booties. With navy tops it’s often hard to get shoes to go with your outfit. These worked well because they are a neutral (despite having black in them!). Grey or red would also work well here. I have paired this sweater with joggers; which you will see soon in my upcoming Nashville Looks post (stay tuned!).

THE WARDROBE: Sweater | Jeans | Boots

Thanks so much for taking the time to read.

Hope you have a great week &  “Get The Look You Wish For In Your Wardrobe”





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