If you are like me, the idea of heading on a weekend away is so exciting. Packing for the trip isn’t as glamorous….. half the time I can’t decide what I will want to wear 2 days from now let alone in a new city, different temperatures and so on. Despite wanting to bring my entire wardrobe, I am a big fan of packing a carryon as it’s just easier for travel, your luggage is with you for the duration of the journey and you spend less time waiting at the baggage carrousel for your bags to arrive. Don’t get me wrong longer vacations and travel across the pond I will definitely check a bag. For a quick weekend trip a carryon is a must!

THE LOOK: Jacket | Top | Jeans | Booties | Hat

For this getaway to Nashville, I was heading with a group of twelve gals. It was my first time there and I had no idea what to expect – either way, cowboy boots had to make an appearance at some point! I traveled from Thursday night – Sunday afternoon. My “travel uniform” usually consists of all black (it doesn’t show the dirt as much and is always a classy look). This time I wore black jeans and a black moto jacket. I decided to add some texture with my snake booties from @seychelles. Of course a hat had to be thrown in for the destination (and guess what, the hat comes sized which is amazing for those of us who have abnormally small OR large heads!!!).

THE LOOK: Sweater | Joggers | Sneakers

Waking up in Nashville on a Friday in Fall on a girls weekend away – well what’s not to love. I always travel with lounge pants/sweats (comfort is key when you are away from home). I couldn’t resist getting this FRIDAY sweatshirt when I saw it online and it was the perfect addition to my casual gear wardrobe.

 THE LOOK: Dress | Boots (similar) | Handbag

When it comes to a long day out it’s hard to know what to wear…..jeans and a dressy top is always a safe go-to but it was such a fabulous day  with warmer temps I just had to put on a dress. The Frye boots (which I scored years ago from Neiman Marcus) were the perfect addition for a simple black dress especially in Music City. We brunched, shopped, strolled, bar hopped, did a tractor ride and much more……all in one day…….stay tuned for my upcoming travel post on visiting Music City!

TRAVEL TIP: I always bring a black dress when traveling; it’s the perfect piece that you can dress up (with heels) or down (with sneakers).

THE LOOK: Jacket | Jeans | Boots

Celebrating the purchase of my new GLAM Cowboy Boots! I was on a mission to get tall black cowboys boots in Nashville. I did not expect to get ones as glam as these but I couldn’t resist how different and unique they were. A friend suggested even wearing them to a wedding with a fun cocktail dress (I think that sold me!!). We had so much fun shopping for boots in Nashville, the excitement was ninety! Of course we had to have a beverage to celebrate the find!!

THE LOOK: Jacket | Top | Jeans | Boots

We stayed out all day on Saturday (if you are heading to Nashville you should expect to do the same, there’s so many bars and music venues to wander in and out of). I went back to the house for a quick change and opted for the leopard print tank and my trusty moto jacket. I wanted a dressed up yet casual look (if that makes sense!) for the bar scene.

THE LOOK: Jacket |Knit | Jeans | Boots

My visit to Nashville wasn’t complete without getting a photo at the famous “wings”! We stopped by there on the last day. It was a brisk morning so a chunky knit was perfect for the adventure. I paired it with my moto jacket and jeans. I had to wear the boots home because they wouldn’t fit in my carryon. I also needed assistance from a friend to help take them off before TSA which sent the TSA agent into a fit of laughter…..yes, all for the love of fashion! I am pretty sure that was a good story for his coffee break!

Overall my closest consisted of lots of black with a splashes of color or texture with accessories and shoes. If you are heading to Nashville anytime soon you can think jeans, casual tops, flannel shirts, jacket and throw in a dress for a fun look too!

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