As many of you know, last month saw the launch of Living in Yellow’s collaboration with Nordstrom. I had heard of the blog from a friend about a year ago but hadn’t religiously followed it as much as Erin’s big fan base. More recently, a number of people have mentioned this blog and told me to follow her! Living In Yellow has an amazing following on facebook and a great blog presence (#goals).  I also heard (through the grapevine that anything she touches turns to gold!). I was intrigued, I do love a great small business success story! Fast forward a few months, I met a friend who told me that Living In Yellow was launching her clothing line at Nordstrom and I should go along. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to meet a super-successful stylish gal.

We took the train downtown Chicago and got so pumped upon arrival into Nordstrom With a LIVE DJ, the excitement and vibe was so energetic. Living In Yellow invited a select number of readers to attend a VIP event where there were treated to a style session before the Meet & Greet.

I couldn’t help admiring this fun display! I just love the branding and the bicycle is a fun addition to the display.


The Nordstrom staff were amazing and so helpful with enquiries about the Living in Yellow collection. While waiting we were offered Mac & Cheese and Pinot Grigio. I have since learned these are two of Erin’s favorite things which makes it even more adorable. I kept gushing over the yellow napkins and forks……now knowing this connection it’s even more fitting.

When I met Erin she remembered we had been quickly introduced after her VIP event (amazing!). Her excitement and genuine aura is infectious. I told her I had bought the joggers but was worried about the length (they only had petite left in my size). She told me to “roosh” them up for a trendy look (genius!). Of course, I admired her dress with the heels (totally my style!) and HAD to go back and purchase that too. We chatted for a few moments, Erin admiring my top and I told her my Mum had sent it from Ireland – she was loving the Irish brogue! Of course with a name like Erin you can’t not!!



Erin Schrader, the creator of fashion and lifestyle blog Living in Yellow, has teamed up with Gibson, the brand behind ultra-popular, oh-so-soft essentials, to create a collection of fun, colorful basics in sizes from petite to 3X. Online only (It was at the downtown Chicago store and will be featured in the Houston store next week). See here for further details.


The collection is super soft and casual and I LOVE how you can either dress it up or down (shoes can completely change your outfit!). I am OBSESSED with the size range of this line. It’s fantastic ranging from Petite XXS through 3X in select styles. This is definitely a line for everyone!


I was so excited to find joggers. For a few years, I had been casually on a hunt to find joggers that fit right and are flattering in all the right places! They were available in grey and black so of course I “had” to get both! As mentioned, I “HAD” to go back and get the dress Erin was wearing when I saw how she totally dressed it up with heels!



I have worn the joggers a number of times and love how comfortable they are!

I am fascinated with Living in Yellow’s great success! From what started out as a small hobby, Erin is certainly Living the American Dream in Yellow! Wishing her and her team a HUGE congrats on their hard work.

If you have any questions about the collection or style trends please feel free to message me!




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