Welcome to THE LOOK, THE WISH & THE WARDROBE………. a destination for women to explore the possibilities of using their current wardrobe while sprinkling in some seasonal trends.
I created this blog to share my favorite outfits, travel diaries and give others inspiration in their own wardrobes for everyday, events and getaways! My style is about mixing outfits for both casual and dressy looks. From an early age, I have always loved fashion, style and trends. When friends and family started asking me for style advice and where to shop I quickly learned that I was passionate about helping them feel fabulous and confident about their outfits.

Having worked as a stylist for many years I hear way too many women focus on their own insecurities and flaws. It’s truly heartbreaking to hear beautiful women put themselves down. My mission is for every women to have the confidence to dress and feel good about themselves.  This comes with practice, outfit planning, a little bit of courage and your best accessory…..a smile!

Ironically, up until a few years ago, I was absolutely terrified of the camera and was very uncomfortable when asked to have a photo taken with friends and family. I needed to get over this fear and become comfortable to be in a simple photograph! It seems so silly but a genuine fear. With (lots) of practice and a different mind-set I worked hard to not care as much and realize we only have one life to live…..have fun with it……and none of us are getting any younger anyways! Fast forward a few years,I have walked in a fashion show, modeled on television for a Chicago boutique and even taken a selfie with a super-model!

So let’s have a little fun  “Get THE LOOK, you WISH for in your WARDROBE”. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by. I hope you will follow along and you can check out my daily looks @amalynstyle.